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Want To Know What’s On The Chesapeake Bay? Peace. Tranquility. And Life Care.

Not all senior communities are this active.

Magic happens when you combine the advantages of living on the Chesapeake Bay with the benefits of LifeCare. Experts who study senior communities agree that it’s the best retirement option. The proof is in the personalized attention and financial security it provides.

Our LifeCare community is more than just welcoming to the residents who are part of it. We are also a community that protects resident assets from the potentially catastrophic costs associated with long-term assisted living and nursing care. And with our simple monthly fee, you are better able to predict your monthly expenses, even when health services are required.

Additional financial alternatives, including fee-for-service and other refundable options, are available for all needs and contingencies.

To learn more about Life Care, please call today or contact us online. Our number is 800-753-2918. You can also request a brochure or read some of our Frequently Asked Questions.