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Sharing difficult memories of D-Day helps make sure history is not forgotten

For Julius Shoulars the memories of what he was doing 75 years ago on D-Day are still very vivid. The 94 year old resident of our community sat down recently with 13News Now Anchor Philip Townsend to talk about why it's so important to share his memories of that day with others.

Our Stone Rehabilitation Center is highlighted on Coast Live

Click the link to watch our full segment on Coast Live

Our Birdsong Tablet wins another national award

We're honored to win the MindAlert Award from the American Society on Aging for our Birdsong Tablet. The award is given to a mental fitness program serving the general population of older adults developed by a nonprofit organization. Our President and CEO Ben Unkle was presented the award by Karyne Jones, the chair of the board of directors for American Society on Aging. We're excited to see the positive impact our Birdsong Tablet is having on older adults. To learn more about the Birdsong visit www.birdsonglife.com

Pedaling to the Championship round puts our community in the headlines

Congrats on our Silver Award in the CyberCycle March Madness Challenge! We rode 1,123 miles in the final 48 hours of cycling to finish second in the Championship round. The exciting competition was all the buzz on campus as we faced off with the 100 other communities across the nation participating. The contest wasn't just a chance to get some exercise it was another great way for our residents to embrace the active and fun lifestyle that embodies our campus. Check out the Virginian-Pilot article on our riders.

Click here to read more about our CyberCycle Champions

We are pedaling our way to the CyberCycle Championship!

More than three dozen residents on the campus of Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay are taking part in a CyberCycle competition that started with 101 other communities around the country. Right now they have pedaled their way to being one of only four remaining teams. It's a 48 hour competition. When one resident finishes their run another gets on. So the CyberCycle is pretty much going the whole time. It's created a fun competitive atmosphere around campus with 5 of our cyclists making it into the top 25 of the more than 700 riders in the competition. The Championship round is set for April 9th and 10th and our residents are pedaling around the clock in hopes of making it there.

Our Birdsong Tablet is the talk of HearSay with Cathy Lewis

Our President and CEO Ben Unkle shared exciting news about our Birdsong Tablet on HearSay with Cathy Lewis. He told her the Birdsong Tablet will soon be available for home use. Click below to listen to the entire interview and hear about the incredible impact the Birdsong Tablet is having on so many people.  

Our Lifelong Learning Institute is connecting generations

The Spring semester has started for the Lifelong Learners on our campus. This semeter one class in particular is bringing in Virginia Wesleyan students to share perspectives on politics and society with members of Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay.

Click here to read more about how our Westminster/Wesleyan Lifelong Learning Institute is connecting generations


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