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CEO Ben Unkle on Coast Live to Discuss How to Keep Seniors Connected During the Pandemic

President and CEO Ben Unkle joined Coast Live host April Woodard to talk about the measures Westminster-Canterbury is taking to ensure residents stay safe and healthy, and ways seniors can stay connected to their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Featured in the segment was our free web version of the Birdsong Song tablet (www.birdsongtablet.com).

WTKR-TV3: Birdsong Tablet Helps Seniors Stay Connected

As older adults nationwide grapple with social distancing and isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of curated entertainment experiences and user-friendly video communications tools are being made available for free through the web version of the Birdsong Tablet. WTKR-TV3 highlights this public service initiative and how it brings joy through social connections for seniors and their families.

WHRV-Radio: The Birdsong Web App featured on "HearSay" with Cathy Lewis

HearSay Host Cathy Lewis talks with Westminster-Canterbury President and CEO Ben Unkle and resident, Emily Harkins Filer, about how the free Birdsong Tablet Web App (www.birdsongtablet.com) helps seniors and their families stay connected and entertained during COVID-19 pandemic.

WHRV 03-31-20 12n Westminster Birdsong App.mp3

Press Release: As COVID-19 Isolates Older Adults, Vast Engaging Content & Chat Tools Now Free

As COVID-19 Isolates Older Adults, Vast Engaging Content & Chat Tools Now Free 

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (March 26, 2020) -- As older adults nationwide grapple with the isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of curated entertainment experiences and user-friendly video communications tools are being made available for free. The public service is courtesy of Birdsong Tablet, a division of faith-based, non-profit Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay. Anyone can go to the Birdsong Tablet website at www.birdsongtablet.com and create a free account using just a name and an email address.  The website works on any technology device; a web browser is all that is needed.  No credit card data is taken. The $19 monthly fees are suspended for the web version of Birdsong Tablet to help older adults and their families during this period of social distancing and isolation.    

In addition to user-friendly video chat capabilities, Birdsong contains eight thousand different engaging experiences, including curated music, videos, games, travel, and therapeutic content. The vast content has been selected especially for older adults to keep them engaged, entertained and connected to family, friends, and caregivers. The site has the same user-friendly navigation system found on the Birdsong Tablet, which is designed especially for those with limited technology experience, physical, or cognitive limitations. Large picture-based icons, large font sizes, and a permanent home button are just some of Birdsong’s accessibility features.  The content is varied to serve and respect all capability levels.  

Social distancing and self-quarantines do protect people physically from COVID-19 -- but it also increases social isolation, which is an anathema to wellness. According to a Pew Research study, 27% percent of adults 60 years and older live alone. During a time of national stress, social connection with family and friends is one of the basic ways people deal with anxiety, sadness, loneliness, depression and other emotions.

As a church-sponsored, faith-based organization with a tool that can help during an extraordinary time of growing isolation, we want to use it to help ease suffering on a global basis,” said Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay President & CEO J. Benjamin Unkle, Jr., noting that the organization has purchased enough Internet cloud capacity to make the free availability possible.  “Older adults and their loved ones at home, even those in senior living communities with visitor restrictions, can use video chat to stay connected, giving peace of mind to families.  Old episodes of Jack Benny may also make people laugh, which is the best medicine of all.”  

700 Club: VA Senior Community Protects Seniors from Coronavirus; Connects Them with Loved Ones

Westminster-Canterbury is honored to help connect our residents and those beyond our campus to their loved ones through the free web version of the Birdsong Tablet. We appreciate the 700 Club reporting on how we are protecting our residents from COVID-19 and on the Birdsong Web App -- with its many features including video chat, classic TV shows, music, brain games, travel and more, all free of charge! 

FOX43/WAVYNews10 Reports on the Free Web Version of the Birdsong Tablet

Fox43/WAVYNews10 reports on how the web version of the Birdsong Tablet is bringing together seniors with their families when they need each other the most.

WVEC: Slices of Joy

YNot-Italian-Great Neck spreads joy -- 800 slices of joy to be exact -- with a pizza party for Westminster Canterbury residents and team members. Thanks, WVEC-13 News Now for covering this special delivery!


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Thanks to Ben Unkle, CEO of Westminster Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay for making this [www.birdsongtablet.com] technology available around the world! LeadingAge Virginia

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