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Add A Beachfront Lifestyle To Your Retirement Plan.

Resort-style Virginia Beach living in one of the finest beachfront retirement communities.

Our Virginia Beach beachfront Life Plan Community is the one known among retirement communities for its resort-like lifestyle and delicious chef-prepared dining. We’re also known for our gorgeous residences, a friendly atmosphere that families and visitors of all ages always enjoy, and a robust Wellness for Life program. Last but certainly not least, we’re known for our effective and progressive LifeCare program.

As marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols scientifically concluded in his 2014 New York Times Bestseller Blue Mind, being near water can “make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do.” Residents of Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay prove it every day! Here you can:

  • Take morning walks on the beach and feel the breeze off the bay.
  • Fish off the neighboring pier.
  • Stretch your body and lift your spirits in a favorite fitness class.
  • Satisfy your curiosity and love of learning with educational opportunities.
  • Play bocce ball or croquet.
  • Explore our on-campus library.
  • Enjoy the tranquil koi pond in the Meditation Garden.
  • Take in the gorgeous bay view from the Mermaid Garden.
  • Sit in the beautiful Tuttle Courtyard, where you can hear the happy squeals of young visitors playing in the adjacent play space.
  • Savor magnificent dining with a view of the bay.

All told, there’s plenty at Westminster-Canterbury to help you in your pursuit of physical fitness and brain fitness! Explore this section to gain a deeper understanding of how our community makes for a healthier, happier retirement. We encourage you to come visit, too, because you simply have to see this view for yourself!

Schedule a Tour or call us today at 800-753-2918.

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