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Independent Living On The Beach.

Where happiness and independence go
hand in hand.

At Westminster-Canterbury, take just a few steps and you’ll be standing right on the beach of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. That’s one of the main features—among several others, of course—that make our community the place where people want to be. What a wonderful recipe for independent retirement living: you, plus life on the water.

Would you like unlimited flexibility in your own gorgeous, private residence? An infinite number of daily events to choose from? A delicious variety of dining options? A comfortable place to unwind after a day of socializing or, for those still in the workforce, after a day at the office? Plus weekly housekeeping and year-round maintenance? And the sigh of relief knowing you have access to LifeCare, should you ever need it?

Have it all. You’ll soon feel as free as a bird and as light as a breeze.

Call 800-753-2918 or visit Westminster-Canterbury today.
Come see why we’re the retirement community of choice.