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Change Is Never Easy—Even When It’s Clearly For The Better!

Tools and resources to ease you through the decision-making process.

To help you decide if a move to Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay is the right move for you or your parents, we’ve compiled some handy resources and online tools.

A move of any kind is a major decision. That’s why we encourage you to be as informed a consumer as possible. You’ll be able to calculate the measurable, quantitative advantages of joining our inclusive community. Just don’t forget to factor in the immeasurable social and health benefits of being part of this exceptional lifestyle on the beach!

Need help Talking to Your Parents? Click here.
Our online Cost of Care and Cost of Living tools are real wizards at helping you calculate your potential savings.
Get answers to frequently asked questions: FAQs
Help us understand your particular needs by completing our online Questionnaire.
Or just ask to chat with a Senior Specialist.

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