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Skilled Nursing Facility in the Bay-Side Setting of Virginia Beach.

A unique model of skilled nursing care for our exceptional community.

There’s a reason why residents and their families always tell us how much they appreciate the kindness, expertise and compassion of our skilled nurses, and the engaging atmosphere of our Hoy Center health care program: It’s our unique, person-centric approach to skilled nursing care we call the Lighthouse Engagement Model™.

The Lighthouse Engagement Model™ ensures that everyone here—whether they are the person receiving care or the person providing it—is valued as a unique individual and for the distinct contributions they make to our community by being part of it. Our six essential beacons of the skilled nursing care lead the way to a better quality of life:

  • Life-affirming environment—that’s inviting, homelike, personalized, with natural sunlight and access to the outdoors and fresh air.
  • Innovative technology and care processes that foster well-being—and add excitement and energy to each day while ensuring best practices.
  • Gratifying experiences in a setting that enriches daily living—serving as the all-natural, non-medicinal antidotes to health-harming loneliness and depression that are increasingly common risks as we age.
  • Harnessing the power of person, family, and community partnership and engagement—tapping into intimate, one-on-one relationships for support from the people who know each resident best.
  • Team-centric culture—tapping into the unlimited power of combined strengths and shared learning, communication and problem-solving.
  • Supporting individualized choices—because residents who are free to exercise control over their life and care, and live according to their own preferences and schedules, are empowered and happier.

The Hoy Nursing Center Lighthouses
At Westminster-Canterbury, we appreciate the mind-body connection, holistic approach to skilled nursing care and aging. That includes special attention to our environment.

Our community in the Hoy features home-like, comfortable settings, which we call Lighthouses, each with a family room and open-concept kitchen. Residents can opt for chef-prepared meals in a dining room, some with views of the Bay. Our person-centric living aligns the delivery of care with individual needs and preferences.

These modern and open private rooms are comfortable, well-appointed and tastefully designed. The five Lighthouses include the Rose Island Lighthouses on the 1st Floor, Mission Point and Point Lookout on the 2nd Floor and Cape Henry and Point Roberts on the 3rd Floor. Residents on each floor can also enjoy breathtaking views and refreshing ocean breezes on three spacious and striking outdoor terraces, we call Observation Decks.

Also available to our residents is The Fletcher Prayer Room, which provides a dedicated, peaceful sanctuary for contemplation and prayer. It also offers space for weekly Bible study and services.

Our Exceptional Staff
Many on the expert staff at our Virginia Beach Life Plan Community come from some of the best hospitals and nursing centers in the region, and many others have built their careers and reputations right here in the community.

What is Skilled Nursing?

Skilled Nursing care at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay provides skilled nursing support staff for residents who are unable to care for themselves and require 24/7 monitoring and medical assistance for chronic conditions or short-term rehabilitation in our Stone Rehab Center.

Come see why we’re the retirement community of choice.

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