What is Rightsizing for Retirement?

For seniors who are considering their retirement living options, the term “rightsizing” may be coming up often. To some, the phrase sounds like a fancy way to dress up the concept of downsizing, the process many older adults go through as they pare down belongings and move into a senior living apartment. 

But according to Kathy Gottberg, rightsizing is more about choosing the lifestyle that’s right for you, and the home that allows you to live it. In her book, “Rightsizing: A SMART Living 365 Guide to Reinventing Retirement,” Gottberg writes, “Rightsizing…is first taking the time to find out what it is that really brings you joy and then figuring out how to do it right now… ultimately, by focusing on what is important and eliminating what isn’t, the path to a rightsized life is as individual as you are.”

What Does a Rightsized Lifestyle Look Like for You?

You may have had visions of the ideal retirement lifestyle dancing in your head for decades, but as you contemplate your retirement living choices, it’s important to take time to evaluate what’s true for you now. Here are some questions to get you started:

  •         What’s most important for you at this point in your life? Spending time with family and friends? Traveling? Exploring new hobbies? Or all of the above?
  •         What would you like to eliminate from your life? Maybe you’re ready to be done with cooking or the chores that accompany homeownership. Or maybe the rush of city life doesn’t appeal to you the way it used to.
  •         What does your ideal day look like? Close your eyes and imagine: You wake up in your rightsized residence with a feeling of anticipation. What are you excited about? Whom will you be spending time with? What will you be doing? What are the sights and sounds that greet you on a perfect day?
  •         What are your biggest concerns about retirement? A rightsized lifestyle addresses your worries as well as your wants. The cost of unforeseen health care expenses, questions about who will help you if you have a health setback, and a need for predictable living expenses top the list of concerns for many seniors.

A Rightsized Home Can Make Room for a Big Life

As you think about the questions above, you may be realizing that a large living space doesn’t factor into your hopes and dreams for retirement. In fact, a smaller space can actually give you more freedom to enjoy your retirement lifestyle, especially if you choose to move to a senior living community, where amenities and services offer an array of benefits, including:

  •         More time to do what you want. A small space is easier to keep clean and tidy. Plus, with services like regular housekeeping and home maintenance, many chores are taken care of for you. Even cooking might take less of your time — most senior living communities have a variety of tempting dining venues on campus.
  •         A chance to explore. Senior living communities are designed to make it easy to stay active and fill your days with pursuits that interest you. What’s more, with on-campus amenities such as a fitness center, arts and crafts studio, woodworking shop, putting green and swimming pool, you can conveniently enjoy your hobbies and pastimes without needing a large personal living space to accommodate them.
  •         Independence. A rightsized senior living apartment becomes a perfect home base from which to live the life you want. Plan to travel? You can lock your door with carefree ease, knowing your apartment will be secure while you’re away. Want to venture off campus? Do! Depending on the location, a wealth of cultural attractions and natural habitats beckon from the surrounding community. Hoping to host visitors? Many senior living communities have guest suites available for visiting family and friends. Need some time to yourself? Your rightsized senior apartment serves as a cozy retreat when you need it.
  •         The security that comes with having a plan. If the senior living community you choose is a Life Plan Community, you can address many of the common concerns that arise with aging. You’ll have access to a continuum of on-site care, so if your health changes, you know you’ll receive the care you need, for as long as  you need it, always at a predictable price that stays below market rate.

Rightsized Living at Westminster-Canterbury

If your interest is piqued by the idea of a rightsized senior living apartment in a community packed with luxury amenities and surrounded by natural beauty, consider Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay. Our Life Plan Community in Virginia Beach features rightsized independent living studio apartments and 1-bedroom apartments that are steps away from Chesapeake Bay and minutes from a host of cultural and natural attractions in the Virginia Beach area. We even have a moving program, called Make a Move, to help streamline the moving —  and rightsizing —  process. Check out our floor plans or contact us to learn more.

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