A Guided Tour of the Holy Land


If you’ve ever thought of touring the Holy Land now might be the perfect time to do it! Plus what better way to go than with a wonderful tour guide and a couple dozen like-minded friends.  Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay Chaplain Doug Gray is organizing a trip with a  tour guide who promises to make the land of Israel come alive for you.

David Hyman has been a National Parks Ranger in Israel, an Israel Defense Force Paratrooper Officer and a Counsellor for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Having been born in England and raised in Jerusalem David has a unique love for the land of Israel. He will show you Israel from an archeological and historical perspective. He says you will also get a chance to feel the land, meet the people and experience the culture of the land he loves.

Chaplain Gray will provide Bible teachings along the way.  The trip itself is scheduled for April 2018. It will be an eight-day tour with one day on either end for travel.  All the travel arrangements are being made by Kedma Travel in Israel.

Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay President and CEO Ben Unkle has been on the trip twice. He says initially “I wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact of the trip.”  The first time he went alone but he knew the next time he had to bring his wife Barbara with him. He says “it was such a great experience and so good for both of us.”

We hope to have 20 to 35 Westminster-Canterbury residents and friends join us on this amazing trip. If you want to find out more about the trip contact Chaplain Doug Gray.

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