Westminster-Canterbury Checks All the Boxes for Resort-Style Living

How do you choose your vacation destinations? You might choose to visit a place where there are beautiful surroundings, an abundance of activities, cultural attractions, good food and luxurious amenities. And when your vacation is over, you might think to yourself, “I wish I lived here.” Well, if you choose a resort-style senior living community like Westminster-Canterbury, you can enjoy all the perks of a luxury vacation in the place you call home! Here are just a few of the reasons to choose resort-style living for your second act in life:

Beautiful Views

Imagine waking every morning in a place where nature’s beauty is just outside your door. Resort-style senior living communities are typically set in lovely locations that beckon you outside. There you can enjoy all the physical and mental benefits sand and surf have to offer, including longer life expectancy, reduced stress levels, and better concentration.   

Westminster-Canterbury is a beachfront senior living community on the Chesapeake Bay. Here you can take a morning stroll on the beach, enjoy a day of paddleboarding, savor dinner with a bayfront view, and fall asleep to the gentle sounds of waves meeting the shore. Plus, with golf courses, parks, and miles of walking and biking trails, our Virginia Beach location offers many opportunities to enjoy scenic surroundings and a moderate climate.

An Active Lifestyle

With a beautiful natural setting and a luxury atmosphere, resort-style senior living communities offer boundless opportunities to stay physically active and engaged. In fact, the abundance of activities often draws younger seniors who may not be ready to retire, but want to position themselves to take advantage of the upscale vacation lifestyle, idyllic setting, amenities and services that meet their needs and preferences now – and in the future.

The best resort-style senior living communities offer a host of on-site activities that promote mind-body wellness. Westminster-Canterbury emphasizes six dimensions of wellness — physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and vocational — that promote connection, well-being and purpose.

Cultural Enrichment

Resort-style senior living communities are typically nestled in vibrant cultural hubs where you can enjoy opera, art museums or a deep dive into regional history. Westminster-Canterbury is no exception. In Virginia Beach, you’ll find a rich array of cultural attractions, including our historic boardwalk, the Surf & Rescue Museum, Harrison Opera House and Virginia Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Well-Appointed Living Spaces

Residences in resort-style senior living communities typically vary in size, so you can select the home that best fits your lifestyle. What all resort-style homes and apartments have in common, however, is an atmosphere of maintenance-free luxury. Regular housekeeping and maintenance services grant you the same freedom from household responsibility that you enjoy on vacation — on a permanent basis.

Fine Dining

One of the special perks of a vacation is the opportunity to indulge your taste for delicious meals prepared by someone else. Resort-style living elevates dining into a gourmet experience. Whether you’re in the mood for Cajun flavors or classic Chesapeake Bay seafood fare, at Westminster-Canterbury, multiple dining venues, ensure that your palate will be pleased. 

Resort-Style Senior Living in Virginia Beach

At Westminster-Canterbury, you can enjoy all the pleasures and perks of resort-style living, plus something extra. As a Life Plan Community, we offer an additional luxury — a continuum of care at a predictable cost for life. Contact us to find out more about independent living at Westminster-Canterbury. 

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