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What’s Happening This Fall in Virginia Beach for Seniors

One of the best things about retiring to the Chesapeake Bay area is you get resort-style living all year round. But before the colder temps of winter take hold, fall offers an ideal combination of weather, beautiful foliage, and …
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Podcasts That Go Great With Our Meditation Garden and Koi Pond

Podcasts That Go Great with Our Meditation Garden and Koi Pond The benefits of meditation are well known — feelings of deep relaxation, emotional balance and physical well-being that continue even after your session ends. Tapping into that meditative tranquility can be even easier …
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Blue Spaces: How Living By Water Makes You Happier and Less Stressed

Blue Spaces: How Living by Water Makes You Happier and Less Stressed “Water is medicine, for everyone, for life,” says biologist Wallace J. Nichols. He and other researchers are discovering the health benefits of living near water. Studies show that being …
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Why Kayaking Is One of the Best Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

Lots of research shows how important regular exercise is for healthy aging. But following the same fitness routine can become boring. That’s why it’s important to have a variety of low-impact exercises for seniors — like kayaking — to choose from so you …
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